No one should bend the rules of the times. if that were to happen, life on earth would come to an end inexorably. The water would no longer flow, terrestrial life would lose its colors, the rotation of the earth would slow down until it stopped.

If this rule were one day broken, only the meeting between the Magician of Fire and the Master of Time would resolve this curse.

Together, they should create an object that will last both time and life. It will give rhythm to the terrestrial cycle, the water will spring back and the world will light up again.

This powerful object is called La Belle Bleue.

At the castle of Cleron, a king and a queen were ignorant of the consequences when they summoned a learned physicist. In exchange for eternal protection, they asked him never to grow old.

In a workshop in the castle, the scientist gave in to temptation and programmed the time to slow down until the hands of all the clocks stopped.

An eternal life would be announced for the king and the queen.
The scientist, despite his doubts, thought he had programmed a slowdown that would allow the world to adapt.

busy enjoying their eternal youth, the king and queen did not see that the current of the river, the peaceful land, was no longer going as before, that the cycles of plants and animals were out of order.

The scientist had understood but no longer had any power over the slowing down of time.

Its action was irreversible. The Earth was becoming dark, the song of the birds gradually gave way to the weight of silence, the colors became dull until plunging the world into an agonizing darkness. The vital energy of each living being was shrinking like sorrow.

From the sky, the Magician of Fire observed with desolation the state of the earth.

He had the power to enlighten the world, he held the secrets of light, wanted to see the world in color, stop the drying up of sources, but he lacked the power to act on time.

He didn’t know how to solve this equation, Alone, he couldn’t do anything.
From the sky, he had noticed a castle on the edge of a river, a castle in the middle of hills and woods. He followed a hunch by landing next to it.

From his workshop, the Master of Time observed his clocks. Yesterday’s second would now stretch for an hour.

He knew everything about the mechanisms, the division of time which allowed to order the world but he did not know how to act.

Powerless, he searches his books for a solution, who knows, a magic formula. the memoirs of a learned physicist once caught his attention.

A short text written from the Chateau de Cleron mentioned: « Yet I knew that the cycle of life has only one universal rhythm. » With this reading, he set off, in search of an answer.

Arriving at the castle, the Master of Time was surprised to discover a glider posed nearby. For a while now, the fire magician had been walking the long corridors.

The Master of Time came to meet him. He too had the certainty that the enmity of time was somewhere in this castle.

Below a stone staircase, a small wooden trapdoor caught their attention. When they opened it, they found a piece of parchment: the prophecy of the blue beauty. Everyone understood that they had to unite to create this powerful object.

Defying the new rules of time, the Time Master had to create a mechanism that would restore each unit to its true value.

It took a combination of factors to make it all work without putting the world in jeopardy. Setting the record straight could have devastating effects, causing earthquakes and eruptions, submersive waves.

The Fire Magician knew he had the power to dodge such a shock. The light had to be bright, intense and multicolored in the darkness of the celestial vault, when the Belle Bleue was activated.

Time was running out, because the hands would soon reach the end point.

their slowness testified to an imminent end of the world. Origin of the curse, the chateau de cleron was to be the place where the prophecy would be fulfilled.

It was in the room which had served as a workshop for the learned physicist to accomplish his gesture that the Master of Time was to create the Belle Bleue.

It is at the foot of the Chateau, on the edge of the rented house, that the Magician had to prepare the fireworks which would enchant the sky.

The most difficult thing was to coordinate everything, without the time being at its fair value.

The Master of the time knew that a coherent system existed to match the launching of the fire and the starting of the mechanism of the Belle Bleue.

He remembered, on the island of Murano, a stone had luminous and fairy virtues.

He had to compose his dial in Aventurine, its deep blue hue and its sparkle would echo the first fireworks blasts in the celestial vault.

The curse could then be broken.

Nothing was more difficult for the Fire Magician than to organize the launch of an extraordinary fire without a reliable measure of time.

Time kept slowing down, a rocket could then take several years before exploding, despite its experience, its uncertainty was great.

Nevertheless, he had placed all his confidence in the know-how of the Master of Time.

He also knew that if the prophecy had designated them, it is because the union of their force could finally give back to the world its colors.

On the banks of the Loue, the Fire Magician had everything ready.

In the chateau’s workshop, the Master of Time had perfected the entire mechanism of the Belle Bleue, The Aventurine dial had found its place, everything was perfectly studied, down to the shape of the Belle Bleue, a watch in particular curve, symbol of its power over the order of the world.

The Master of Time and the Magician of Fire had organized a count defying the rules of disturbed time.

The mechanism was to be activated when the first rocket was fired. At the first second, the castle should light up and the rhythm of time should resume smoothly.

The Sky lit up, the seconds resumed, no shaking was felt, the synchronization was perfect. As if by magic, we heard again the lapping of water, and the murmur of nature.

A dazzling fire awakened the world, the Aventurine of the Belle Bleue sparkled in echo with the colors which illuminated the whole valley.

The next morning, the world had found its colors and its sounds.

The shades of green of the meadows, the forests, the blue of the water, the song of the birds, the cycle of life, everything had resumed its course, rhythm by the Belle Bleue which thus became the eternal symbol of the light clock !