La Belle Bleue collectibles (NFTs)

Question What are La Belle Bleue collectibles (NFTs)?
AnswerIn partnership with HDOKI a Canadian company specializing in blockchain technology.  BOCAGE PREMIUM CREATIONS is proud to merge Blockchain technology with the Luxury industry to bring you tangible unique & rare items backed and certified by digital collectibles! Collectors can buy, sell, and trade digital trading certificates (called NFTs). Each NFT is linked with a unique, tangible & collectible rare item and trades on SOLANA which means that they are certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered or counterfeit.
Question How do i get my La Belle Bleue NFT after purchasing it?
AnswerTo get your Watch La Belle Bleue NFT you need to purchase it from our website. Each Watch is authentic and certified by a unique NFT. After completing the purchase you will get your NFT included inside a secure wallet by email during the next 7 Days or Less. Your La Belle Bleue Collectible and Tangible item will be shipped according to the Shipping method selected. Get it before the sell out!
Question Where can I see my Watch NFTs?
AnswerYour La belle Bleue NFT will appear in your Phantom Wallet. You will get more details by email on how to access your wallet and your NFT when the purchase is completed.
Question Where can i get support?
AnswerHave questions about La Belle Bleue NFTs? Visit the Help & Support section of HDOKI, our IT partner following this link:

Sign In – Help & Support (

Send a request to La Belle Bleue NFTs Department, HDOKI technicians will be happy to help.