The Stories behind the luxury brand

After having created several companies and having made them prosper, in different sectors, Gérard BOCAGE wanted to give new meaning to his daily life in the light of the professional retraining of his son Vincent. The original idea was to combine a passion for beautiful things and share them with true amateurs and collectors. His passion for watchmaking and fireworks gave him the idea for the first watchmaking creation: La Belle Bleue « Comète »


Stars sparkling, special effects and music create an alchemy that becomes a fireworks display after sunset.

« LA BELLE BLEUE » watch was create to honor the pyrotechnics arts which illustrate this perfect precision and synchronization.

Imagined in Switzerland in a well known watchmaking firm, made in France in the capital of French watchmakers, « LA BELLE BLEUE », with its Murano aventurine watch dial (Venice-Italy) is a wink to the RUGGIERI brothers who were the
first to make fireworks at the Cour de VERSAILLES (Paris) in the
18th century.

The history of LA BELLE BLEUE is written and illustrate in a small watchmaking booklet that will make young and old alike dreamy.

Let the magic happen!

Gerard Bocage

After a graduate course in insurance law, Vincent wanted to redirect his young career towards a course as a gemologist.

Passionate about precious stones since his childhood, he decided to join the European Institute of Gemmology in Paris and graduated top of his class.

His contacts with gemologists and mineralogists worldwide now give him privileged access to rare precious stones, including in the sphere of fine jewelry.

From this passion is his first original jewelry creation. La Belle Bleue  « Saturne »

La Belle Bleue Saturne » is the first jewelry creation in the La Belle Bleue collection.

In the spirit of its big sister, the La Belle Bleue Comète watch, this jewelery creation highlights the aventurine stone of MURANO.

Its creator Vincent BOCAGE, gemologist wanted here to marry the rings of Saturn around the aventurine stone in its center, mobile around its axis.

For its realization Vincent engaged the services of an independent designer jeweler, Brice.

Vincent BOCAGE

In partnership with HDOKI a Canadian company specializing in blockchain technology.  BOCAGE PREMIUM CREATIONS is proud to merge Blockchain technology with the Luxury industry to bring you tangible unique & rare items backed and certified by digital collectibles called: NFTs, Non-fungible Tokens!

Through HDOKI‘s B2B department, HDOKI Enterprise provides a large panel of blockchain development services, including conception, integration and adjustment of ready solutions and customized products.

« We build digital certifications & tailored market of your valuable goods, NFTs have individual characteristics that set them apart. They are Unique, Rare and Indivisible. Unique because Deep inside a non-fungible token, metadata describes what makes this asset different from all the rest.

This is a permanent, unalterable record that describes what this NFT represents, like the certificate of authenticity that you’d get with a rare painting.  Each NFT is linked with a unique, tangible & collectible La Belle Bleue Luxury item. Which means that they are certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered or counterfeit.  »

Fahir Anis

La Belle Bleue creations are aimed at both men and women. It is essential, even essential, that women give their opinion on the idea of ​​the creators, in the preliminary phase, at the sketch stage, during and after the realization of the first model. Similarly, the packaging part is an important moment in the success of a project. Evelyne oversees these different stages. All the details are combed through to ensure that the final product is beautiful, pleasant to wear and corresponds to the criteria of difference sought by the man or the woman who will have chance to wear such an exceptional jewel.

Evelyne BOCAGE BULLIARD – Artistic Advisor

Jérôme CROCHET in charge of communication brings to « La Belle Bleue » his know-how in consulting and brand strategy. Its solutions are based on the analysis of the sector, humanity, with analize the customers expectations as to the relevance of the product. Jérôme, founder and director of the magazine ITINERAIRE d’UN GOURMAND, highlights the great traditional French and foreign houses in gastronomy and wine. Its magazine is present in the First Class lounges of 3 major airports: Paris Charles de Gaulle – London Heathrow – London Gatwick

Jerôme CROCHET – Strategy – Communication

La Belle Bleue “Comète” is the first creation in the collection. Luxury watch for men and women, it is produced in 175 copies, numbered and signed. On an idea of ​​Gérard Bocage, collector and operator of fireworks, the Belle Bleue « Comète » was designed in Geneva during a watchmaking workshop at the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, in the presence of Swiss famous watchmakers. The « made in France » quickly imposed itself with the involvement of the IM Institute M of Besançon then relayed by the designer Philippe LEBRU. The challenge: to create a luxury watch that is neither round nor  sharp angles, elegant, daring evoking the galaxy, the starry sky and fireworks. Its Murano aventurine dial enhanced with a domed sapphire crystal gives it brilliance and depth. Mechanical with automatic winding, La Belle Bleue “comète” reveals on the back its oscillating winding, the number of the copy and the signature of the creators are engraved.


Versatile, the painter Jean Pierre Duriez born in Paris in 1949, exercised his talents in photography, theater and cinema before learning to paint after his meeting with PICASSO. Listed on Artprice, the artist, Jean Pierre Duriez, produced a lithograph in 10 collector’s copies illustrating the watch for La Belle bleue « comète ». As a fine gastronome, Jean Pierre Duriez produced a unique example of a a watch strap dedicated to La Belle Bleue -Comète, illustrating the inauguration of the Restaurant “Fleur de Loire” as a gift to Christophe HAY.


This line of jewelry (pendant and earrings) was designed by Vincent, drawing on his experience in gemology and jewelry. Through this collection, Vincent wanted to combine precious stones and original creations in gold and silver. The first creation is a pendant and a pair of earrings with a Murano aventurine pearl. The meeting between Vincent and Brice AUCONIE, creative artist residing on the Edges of the Loire allowed these original creations. The pearl oscillates around an axis enclosed in circles evoking, according to the position of the head of the lucky woman, the planet Saturn and its rings. Eacj jewel is handma&de by the artist. This collection is a wink  to the La Belle Bleue “Comète” watch. Other colored gemstones will enrich the “Saturn” collection shortly.


La Belle Bleue – Fleur de Loire wall clock, 40 cm wide, 45 cm high is the exact replica of La Belle Bleue “Comète”. An original creation, its production is a technological feat thanks to very sophisticated water-jet cutting equipment, able to cut glass and steel.

Its realization is the work of Lionel DUJARDIN, and his company DUJARDIN CONCEPTS, located on the banks of the Loire close to Saumur. One of the walls of the kitchens of the restaurant “Fleur de Loire” ** Michelin, in Blois will display the clock “La Belle Bleue “Fleur de Loire”. It will be able to be admired by the many gourmet customers eager to be able to visit the brigade of cooks working like ants in a space where each step is measured and timed.