COLLECTIBLE LUXURY WATCH Powered by Blockchain . Backed by NFTs . Sold with assurance . Traded with confidence . ONLY 175 AVAILABLE

La Belle Bleue, elegance and perfection

The BELLE BLEUE is a luxury watch for men and women produced in 175 copies, all numbered, with the possibility on request of choosing a personal number between 10 and 150 (depending on availability). The other 25 copies have been pre-reserved by collectors.

The creation of the Belle Bleue was born from the meeting between Gérard Bocage, collector of modern luxury watches and fireworks firer, and Philippe LEBRU, watch designer and creator of the UTINAM brand.

Apart from his monumental creations, Philippe LEBRU, located in the heart of Besançon, the city of watchmaking precision, is also a designer and promoter of beautiful luxury watches for women and men, MADE IN France.

Rich in a professional life where everything is happening at lightning speed, it is no coincidence that Gérard Bocage wanted to promote the creation of a luxury mechanical watch. Want to give meaning to this passing time, want to include in the invention of a device its presence from yesterday to tomorrow, taking advantage of every second.

La Belle Bleue Saturne, the first jewelry creation.

La Belle Bleue Saturne » is the first jewelry creation in the La Belle Bleue collection. In the spirit of its big sister, the La Belle Bleue Comète watch, this jewelery creation highlights the aventurine stone of MURANO.

Its creator Vincent BOCAGE, gemologist wanted here to marry the rings of Saturn around the aventurine stone in its center, mobile around its axis. For its realization Vincent engaged the services of an independent designer jeweler, Brice.

La Belle Bleue Saturne collection is certified authentic by a unique NFT, and can never be altered or counterfeit:

A gold pendant – 18 carats

A pair of gold earrings – 18 carats

A silver pendant – 750/1000th

A pair of silver earrings – 750/10000th